Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did you choose Premium Brands to UpCycle?

Quality and Durability: Premium denim brands often utilize higher quality materials and construction techniques, resulting in more durable and long-lasting denim.

2.  What sets your streetwear apart from other brands?

At Aden Bera, we take immense pride in the seamless integration of distinctive design, impeccable craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Our streetwear collection stands out as a true reflection of individuality, drawing inspiration from diverse counter-culture movements such as punk and the laid-back essence of surfer culture. By embracing these eclectic design styles, we create garments that tell a captivating story. Whether it's through our innovative use of UpCycled denim, the incorporation of premium materials, or our relentless efforts to minimize our environmental footprint, each piece showcases our dedication to making a positive impact.

We are not merely a clothing brand; we are a bold statement of style, consciousness, and authenticity, setting ourselves apart in the dynamic world of streetwear.What is the inspiration behind your punk-inspired designs?

3. What size should I order?

Since we start with existing brands, please check their website for size information. We'll do our best to measure and include size details in the description section for each UpCycled pair.

4. When will I be charged for my order?

You will be charged at the time of the sale.

5. How often will I be updated with new inventory?

As a startup, we're adding new inventory as quickly as possible.  Please check back to see if new products.

6. Do I pay for shipping?

Shipping is free for orders over $79 in the United States.

7. Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, Although our primary focus is on serving customers in the United States, we are delighted to offer worldwide shipping services. In the event that our website encounters difficulties in calculating the shipping cost to your location, kindly reach out to us via email. Our team will promptly assist you by calculating the shipping cost and providing you with the necessary information.8. How can I track my order?

8. How is my order processed, shipped and how can I track it?

We understand the excitement of eagerly anticipating your order, and that's why we've streamlined our order tracking process to provide you with transparency and peace of mind at every stage.

A. Order Confirmation:

Once your order is successfully placed, you will receive an order confirmation email. This email serves as confirmation that your order has been received and is being processed.

B. Processing and Fulfillment:

Our team swings into action, working diligently to process and fulfill your order. During this stage, your items are carefully selected, prepared, and packaged for shipment.

C. Shipping Notification:

As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive a shipping notification email. This email contains crucial details, including the carrier information, a tracking number, and a link to the carrier's website.

D. Accessing Tracking Information:

To track your order in real-time, simply click on the provided tracking number or follow the link to the carrier's website in the shipping notification email. This grants you direct access to the most up-to-date information regarding your package's journey.

E. Real-Time Updates:

The carrier's website will provide real-time updates on your order's location, estimated delivery date, and any potential delays. You can check in whenever you like to stay informed and plan for your eagerly awaited delivery.

F. Delivery Confirmation:

Once your order is successfully delivered, you will receive a final email confirmation. This not only marks the completion of your order but also ensures that you are fully informed about its safe arrival.

We prioritize your satisfaction and want to make sure you have a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience with Aden Bera. Should you have any questions or encounter any issues during the order tracking process, our customer support team is here to assist you. Simply reach out, and we'll ensure your concerns are addressed promptly.

We look forward to delivering style and satisfaction right to your doorstep!

9. Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay with a credit card. Accepted cards are displayed on our Shopify website platform.

10.  What is your return and exchange policy?

See full Return and Exchange policy on our website. 

11. What fabrics do you use or plan to use?

We currently work with a denim fabric composed mostly of cotton fibers.  Some of the fabrics also include fibers like nylon, polyester, lycra®, and elastane. Our T-Shirts are made from 100% cotton.  As our collection expands, we'll introduce different fabrics, including cotton blends, hemp, hemp blends, organic cotton, and other sustainable materials.

12. Why do you call the brand eco-conscious?

We are dedicated to reducing our impact on the planet, from UpCycling to selecting sustainable fabrics. Our commitment extends to minimizing plastic pollution caused by our apparel. While we may not be perfect, we are taking conscious steps in the right direction.

13. How do I care for my luxury streetwear items?

Rest assured that all of our products, whether it's our UpCycled denim or cotton t-shirts, come with detailed care instructions. We want to ensure that you can properly care for and maintain the quality of your purchase. If you have any specific questions about a particular product, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by visiting our website's "Contact Us" page. Simply send us an email, and our dedicated team will be more than happy to assist you.

14.  How can I contact customer support?

Here is the link to our contact us page on our website.

15. Are there any exclusive promotions or discounts for newsletter subscribers?

Stay in the Loop: Unlock Exclusive Benefits with Our Newsletter!

At Aden Bera, we hold the belief that excessive promotions can diminish the value of brands. That's why we prioritize building a close-knit community where our loyal customers can stay informed about our latest styles and exclusive offers. By subscribing to our newsletter, you're not only receiving updates but also gaining access to a world of personalized benefits designed specifically for you. Join us today and become part of our community to enjoy this exclusive perk.

How to Subscribe:

Subscribing is quick and easy! Simply visit our website and look for the subscribe section. Enter your email, and voilà, you're part of the Aden Bera family.Don't miss out on the fashion-forward fun, exclusive savings, and insider access. Subscribe today and let us redefine your streetwear experience! Thank you for being a valued member of our community.